Photo of Roxwel Lawrence

Roxwel Lawrence

(876) 586-4598
Photo of Leroy Ross

Leroy Ross

Associate Treasurer
(876) 247-0545
Photo of Orinthia Miller

Orinthia Miller

Administrative Professional
(876) 527-4502
Photo of Andrea Stewart-Reid

Andrea Stewart-Reid

Chief Accountant
Photo of Nataleesha Francis

Nataleesha Francis

(876) 984-2044 (ext 243)
Photo of Crystal Blake

Crystal Blake

Junior Accountant
984-2044 ext- 251
Photo of Denise Brown

Denise Brown

FIP Coordinator & Data Process Manager
Photo of Kadiann Pryce

Kadiann Pryce

Data Entry Clerk
Photo of Lorraine Richards-Mills

Lorraine Richards-Mills

Internal Auditor
Photo of Verona Stewart-Akhidenor

Verona Stewart-Akhidenor

Internal Auditor
Photo of Sandra Rhone

Sandra Rhone

Internal Auditor
(876) 247-3680
Photo of Tamara Clarke

Tamara Clarke

Development and Safety Officer
Photo of Jasseth West

Jasseth West

Photo of Elethia Robinson

Elethia Robinson

Development Coordinator, Administrative Professional
(876) 550-1898
Photo of Norman Barrett

Norman Barrett


Photo of Leaford Scarlett

Leaford Scarlett

Assistant Office & Safety Manager
Photo of Sonia Moncrieffe

Sonia Moncrieffe

Office Attendant




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