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Central Jamaica Conference Launches New Website

With the state of technology changing rapidly, Central Jamaica Conference took on the task of rebuilding its website from the ground up. The new site was launched on November 30, 2011 after a year of consultations, design meetings and programming.

“The new site is geared towards mission. What we are seeking to do is to provide an avenue for persons to begin or deepen their relationship with God,” stated Pastor Levi Johnson, President of Central Jamaica Conference, in commissioning the site into use.

In addition to providing updates about activities in the Conference, the new site also gives updates on all the levels of the church administration, up to the General Conference. It also provides for online bible and lesson study, job search and business listing, and online donations and return of tithes and offerings.

“The vision for this site is to provide for our membership and visitors, to our webpage, information critical to them and their felt needs. It was conceptualized in the context of meeting the five strategic objectives of the Conference, namely: (1) spiritual growth and discipleship, (2) evangelism, (3) development, (4) quality of life and community impact, and (5) equipping and service,” stated Pastor Kemar Douglas, Communication, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Director of CJC.

The site is not fully functional as some of the modules and links are still being loaded, but it is hoped that by early 2012, all the bugs will be eliminated.

5 December, Spanish Town, Jamaica

Kemar T. J. Douglas/CJC


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