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Executive Secretary

Pastor Ronnie Henry

Telephone: 984 2044 or 984 5577 or 984 3666
Fax: 984 8589

Membership in the Seventh-day Adventist Church is not just a matter of church statistics. More importantly, it is a witness to one’s rejection of the old life of sin and the joyful embrace of Jesus as Lord and Saviour. In this new relationship salvation is guaranteed and the Holy Spirit becomes one’s constant companion. What an awesome privilege and how exciting to personally testify to the peace and assurance that comes from this rich relationship with Jesus.
The question is: “What is more important than your personal salvation?” Said another way, “what is all important is that your name and mine is written in the Lamb’s book of life.” This is nurtured by the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit and obligates the believer to be constant in prayer, always heeding the word, and joyfully sharing the love of Jesus with all.
We have a Saviour who is on our side. He loves, invites, forgives, sympathizes, and accepts the sinner always. He never condemns, never forsakes, never withholds that which is good, and never ceases to keep His promises. His word, “all power is given unto me in heaven and earth.” Live in that assurance and discover that even while on earth you can have a heavenly experience. It won’t be long, soon we will be going home.
The Functions of the Secretariat:
  • Human resource management
  • Maintenance of workers service records
  • Processing of calls for workers
  • Preparation of committee agendas
  • Recording and archiving of committee minutes
  • Training and supporting church clerks
  • Compiling and maintaining church statistical reports
  • Administration of the church’s Working Policy and Church Manual
  • Retirement plan
Responsibilities of the Executive Secretary:
  • Preparation of committee agenda
  • Committee Minutes
  • Quarterly and yearly statistical reports
  • Assuring compliance with church’s Working Policy and Church Manual
  • Official correspondence arising from minutes
  • Notification for constituency meetings
  • Retirement seminars
  • Work in close collaboration with administration
  • Process applications for employment
  • Distribution of workers handbook
  • Vice-chair Conference Committee
  • Transfer of workers
  • Staff development
  • Staff evaluation/appraisal
  • Job descriptions
  • Annual update of service records
Born on Octber 12, 1949 to Seventh-day Adventist parents in the parish of St. Ann, Jamaica, Ronnie L. Henry is the seventh of eleven children. He is happily married to V. Patricia (nee Stewartson) and the union produced two beautiful children, Ronicia and Ronnie II.
He received his early education at the Mile End Seventh-day Adventist Church School and Dinthill Technical High School. As a full-time working student, he attended West Indies College (now Northern Caribbean University) and graduated in 1970 with a diploma in Business Administration. Later, he obtained a Bachelor’s of Science (BSc.) degree also from West Indies College and, in 2003, the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Northern Caribbean University. Since 1970, he has been working with the church – first serving in the Bahamas Conference (1970-1982) where he served substantively as Treasurer while occupying various other positions including that of: Accountant, Secretary-Treasurer, Stewardship Director, District Pastor, Auditor, and ABC Manager. He was ordained to the gospel ministry in January, 1980.
He served at Northern Caribbean University (formerly West Indies College), 1982-1991, first as Assistant Business Manager and then as Vice-President for Finance. From there he was called to Central Jamaica Conference where he served for nine years (1991-2000), substantively as Treasurer and in various other capacities including: ABC Manager, Development Director, and Stewardship Director. At the Union Session held in 2000, Pastor Henry was elected to serve as Stewardship Director of West Indies Union and shortly thereafter he was assigned the additional responsibility for Strategic Planning and Director for Spirit of Prophecy.
In January 2006 he took on the new assignment of District Pastor in the Central Jamaica Conference with responsibility for the Maranatha district of churches which is comprised of: Maranatha, Waltham, Georges Valley, and Bethel churches. In December 2009 he was voted Parish Coordinator for Manchester.
At the Conference Session held in July 2010, he was elected as the Stewardship and Trust Services Director of Central Jamaica Conference and shortly afterwards he was voted Spirit of Prophecy Coordinator. It was on August 17, 2010 that he reached the milestone of forty years of service to the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
As God would have it, Pastor Henry would once more be called to administrative duties when on December 6, 2010, his Conference Executive Committee appointed him as Executive Secretary.
In civic life, he is a member of the Manchester Lay Magistrates Association, having been appointed a Justice of the Peace for the Parish of Manchester since 2003. He is also an active member and officer of the College View Citizens Association.
Pastor Henry is a proud Grandfather of five grandsons and two grand- daughters. His hobbies include gardening, nature walks, and astronomy. He enjoys swimming, playing volleyball, and table tennis.
His philosophy: “If there is nothing that you are prepared to die for, then, maybe you should not live.”
1970-1973 Bahamas Conference Accountant
1974-1977 Bahamas Conference Treasurer
1977-1980 Bahamas Conference Secretary-Treasurer
1980-1982 Bahamas Conference Treasurer
1982-1985 West Indies College Asst. Business Manager
1985-1991 West Indies College V.P. Financial Affairs
1991-1992 Central Jamaica Conference ABC Manager
1992-2000 Central Jamaica Conference Treasurer
2000-2005 West Indies Union Stewardship Director
2006-2010 Central Jamaica Conferenc District Pastor/Parish Coordinator
2010-present Central Jamaica Conference Stewardship Director/Executive Secretary


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